BEHR DYNASTY Paint Food Fight Commercial

BEHR DYNASTY Paint Commercial

BEHR promotes its BEHR DYNASTY Paint as a “Paint That Stands Up To Any Mess” in one of its latest commercials.

The spot aims to highlight that, when your walls are coated in BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint, it’s okay if dinner gets a little… out of hand, because BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint is stain repellent, scuff resistant, fast-drying, and has one-coat coverage.

“BEHR Dynasty is our most advanced formulation ever. Thank goodness.” onscreen lines read throughout the 15-second ad, which features a family engaging in a food fight. Thus, the food they have on the table, such as muffins, bread, and more, end up on the walls. Luckily, the walls are painted with BEHR DYNASTY Paint (color INKED M510-7) and this lets them easily clean them.

The commercial ends with the tagline “BEHR Dynasty. Everything you want in a paint, all in one can” flashing across the screen.

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