Apple iPhone Privacy Ellie’s Data Auction Commercial Songs

Apple iPhone Privacy Ellie's Data Auction Commercial Actress

Apple has released a new commercial to promote privacy features available on its iPhones, such as the App Tracking Transparency and Mail Privacy Protection, that help you control who sees your data and who doesn’t.

The spot, titled “Data Auction,” features Ellie, a young woman who enters a room where “Ellie’s data auction” takes place. To her surprise, her own data, from personal e-mails to her drugstore purchases, her recent transactions, her browsing history, her late-night texting habit, and even her contacts, including her Nana’s, are the object of the auction, being sold with lots of money. However, the moment the host announces “the one they all have been waiting for,” Ellie decides to use some of the privacy features available on her iPhone and not allow various app to track her activity across other companies’ apps and websites. As she taps to not allow the tracking, the people in the auction room start vanishing with a poofing sound. She then decides to protect her mail activity and other personal information.

“It’s your data. iPhone helps keep it that way,” onscreen lines read at the end of the 90-second ad. The “Privacy. That’s iPhone” tagline also appears on the screen.

The songs used in the ad are “Fantasy” by Esquivel and “Playground” by More Giraffes & Sweater Beats.

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