Zillow Couple Touring Houses Love You Commercial Song – The Most Homes

Zillow Couple Touring Houses Love You Commercial

Zillow highlights that it has the most homes in one of its latest ads.

The spot follows a young couple as they tour a variety of homes and apartments before finally finding the one they’ve been looking for. As the video ends, it turns out they were actually browsing listings on the Zillow app from the comfort of their own bed.

Serving as soundtrack is the 1970 song “Love You” by Delevan, New York-based vocal group The Free Design. This track has been featured in several other TV commercials over the years, across the globe, such as for Peters Drumstick ice creams in Australia, Freia Smil chocolate in Norway, DC Shoes and Delta Air Lines in the United States, mobile network operator Cosmote in Greece, and Toyota internationally.

This is not the first ad promoting Zillow. Another spot features two life partners, soon-to-be parents, who are also sitting in the comfort of their house, scrolling down apartments on Zillow and booking a tour for one of them.

Zillow also offers, besides 3D home tours, interactive floor plans, Home Loans and Zillow Closing Services, which provide an online platform that enables customers to conduct transactions more digitally and conveniently, as well as the possibility to connect with a local Zillow Premier Agent expert.

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