Virgin Atlantic I Am What I Am Advert Song

Virgin Atlantic TV Advert - Woman With Tongue Piercings

Virgin Atlantic has released a new ad campaign, titled “See the world differently” and described as “a colourful celebration of the diversity of the world around us. Of loving every inch of yourself and taking pride in what makes you special”.

The spot, created by Lucky Generals, celebrates the uniqueness of its staff and customers by featuring a diverse cast of people of different ages, sexual orientation and with different looks, while in the background a remake of the iconic “I Am What I Am” plays.

The ad was filmed in an airport and onboard a Virgin Atlantic Airbus A250-1000.

The airline’s new campaign also includes shots of Virgin Atlantic crew and customers championing their individuality. A businesswoman, for instance, is featured saying “I am my own captain,” a family arriving for their holiday saying “a crew like no other,” and a female captain with the line “born to fly”.

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