Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Camila Cabello Commercial Song

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Camila Cabello Commercial

Victoria’s Secret has enlisted Camila Cabello as the face of its iconic Bombshell fragrance.

The spot, directed by Kelly Jeffrey, features footage of Camila Cabello as a child juxtaposed with footage of her now. “To me, the word Bombshell means owning your desires, and owning your pleasures, those things that make you feel great and joyful,” she says in voiceover, adding the tagline “Bombshell, America’s No. 1 Fragrance”.

The soundtrack is provided by “Mira Como Baila” by Carlos Jose Alvarez.

For the campaign, the brand has teamed up with stylist Alex White, hair stylist Alex White and makeup artist Patrick Ta.

Bombshell No. 1 Fragrance, from master perfumer Adriana Medina, features notes of Shangry-La Peony, purple passion fruit and Vanilla Orchid, and is available for purchase on the brand’s website. The collection also includes Bombshell Passion, Bombshell Seduction, Intense, and Sundrenched.

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