Tesco Easter It’s Yours For The Making Advert Song

Tesco Easter TV Advert Bunnies

Tesco has launched its Easter advert, titled “It’s yours for the making”.

The spot highlights some of the things that make Easter great, such as chocolates everywhere, the possibility for you to choose who to invite and who not, the glorious weather, a mountain of hot cross buns, pastries, and other sweet snacks, and a visit some fellas.

The video includes scenarios that humorously illustrate the things listed by the voiceover, with a man taken to the ground by chocolate eggs stored in a small garage in the backyard, a couple and their guest around the Easter table, trying to answer a child’s question related to Uncle Mike (who was not invited), a table filled with hot cross buns, pastries, and other snacks, and a man working out in his garage, around several cute white bunnies (the fellas she mentioned).

The advert, set to the tune of the 1992 single I’m So Excited by American vocal group The Pointer Sisters, ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Easter at Tesco. It’s Yours For the Making”.

“I’m So Excited”, which was included by Billboard on their list of “100 Greatest Girl Group Songs Of All Time”, is available for purchase on Amazon as Audio CD (for $15.91) and Vinyl (for $9.43).

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