Stitch Fix Keegan-Michael Key Commercial Song

Online personal styling and shopping service Stitch Fix has teamed up with Keegan-Michael Key for a brand new campaign, titled “Stitch Fix It,” which addresses the 40% of American men who admit that throwing out old clothes can be more difficult than ending a relationship.

The 30-second ad, titled “Closet Remix” and created like a music video, features the Emmy Award-winning actor breaking up with his old clothes and trying something new. He is shown performing an original song with the following lyrics:

“Baby, you’ve been with me through thick and thin,
So it’s breaking my heart to let you go.
I’ve loved you since college.
Where I went you went, too.
But our wear and tear
is beyond repair,
So I’m breaking up with you.
Goodbye to jeans with holes
in the wrong places.
So long to tight sweaters
and shoes with torn laces.
Gonna find some clothes
that fit me like a glove.
I’m gonna Stitch Fix It,
find a brand new love.”

Now, those who sign up with their email address unlock a $20 credit toward their first purchase. The credit must be redeemed within 2 days of receipt.

In case you’re wondering how Stitch Fix works, it’s simple. First, you need to take a quick and easy style quiz to help the Stitch Fix experts learn what

you like to wear. The Stitch Fix stylists will send you pieces that reflect your style, fit and price points, plus expert guidance. Subsequently, you will be able to shop on your own in your personalized store, buy new items and complete outfits any time.

With Stitch Fix, you can purchase items from brands you already know or you can discover new exclusive brands within Stitch Fix Men’s assortment, such as 01.Algo, Hawker Rye, Mohnton Made and others.

The brand offers free shipping, easy returns and exchanges on all orders, pre-paid labels included.