PetSmart Pet Owners Singing ‘I’d Do Anything’ Commercial Song

PetSmart Cat Owner in Pet Store Anything Commercial

Petsmart celebrates pet parents’ limitless love and admiration for their pets in a musical-inspired commercial, titled “Anything for Pets”.

The ad, created by agency Deutsch, LA and directed by award-winning director Shelley Lewis, features a diverse cast of people and their pets – ranging from cats and dogs to parrots, hamsters, snakes, and more. While some of the smitten owners are shown serenading their beloved friends, others are shown doing all kinds of things for them, such as waking up in the wee hours of the morning for walks, having a wall filled with portraits of their cat, dressing in matching costumes, and even getting a tattoo of their parrot.

PetSmart employees are also featured throughout the commercial, which highlights the retailer’s offering, including grooming, training, day camps, treats, toys and more.

The song used in the ad is “I’d Do Anything” – a song performed by various characters in the 1960 British musical Oliver! and the 1968 film of the same name. The track is available for purchase on Amazon for $0.99.

“Anything for Pets is more than a new tagline or marketing campaign. For us, it’s a way of life and the fabric of our company, inspired by the associates who continue to go above and beyond to serve our customers and their pets. They are living proof that at PetSmart, we’ll do anything for pets,” Will Smith, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at PetSmart, said in a press statement.

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