PetSmart Cat on a Leash Commercial Song

PetSmart Cat on a Leash Commercial - Catona Leash

PetSmart has released a new ad to promote the Catona Leash.

The spot, part of the brand’s “Anything for Pets” campaign, features a woman walking her cat on a leash through the city and parks. Even though a cat on a leash is a surprising sight, PetSmart points out that walks are a great way to start new adventures and bond with your furry friend.

While the woman and her cat are shown walking together and leaving everyone around in awe, in the background the following song plays:

“Yeah, you’ve been my kitty for all this time,
with your tag and your collar,
looking safe and fine.
Time for an adventure of another kind.
Clip the leash to the harness
and step outside.
Is that a cat on a leash?
It’s a cat on a leash.
When we’re walking, I let you lead
the yard, the park, go down the street.
It brings us closer to partners in crime
I’d no anything for you,
my number one feline.
Sassy, it’s a cat on a leash.
Curious, another cat on a leash.
Mysterious, a third cat on a leash.
Every single cat,
a cat on a leash.
Yeah, we keep your look fresh,
all you need to do
leash up and represent
these casts mom and dads
on another level.
It’s a cat on a leash!”

The commercial ends with an onscreen line urging viewers to buy online and pick up in store and with the brand’s tagline “Anything for Pets”.

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