Nordstrom Rack Woman Dancing at Home and In a Store Rack Your Way Commercial

Nordstrom Rack has launched a new brand campaign to promote its mobile app and its deals, which have you dancing.

The spot features a young woman who starts her day by saving up to 70% at Nordstrom Rack and, after getting up from her bed, has her outfits change several times instantly. She starts dancing and, in no time, she is transported from her room into a Nordstrom Rack store, where she can rack her way, too.

“Rack your way at Nordstrom Rack. In-store, in-app, and online,” the voiceover says at the end of the 30-second ad, which is scored by a catchy song whose lyrics include “So good, so good, so good”, and lists some of the major brands you can save on, such as Madewell, Joe’s Jeans, Adidas, Steve Madden and more.

Nordstrom Rack, which is part of Nordstrom Inc., offers free shipping on orders over $89 and gives its customers the chance to save up to 70% off when they shop online or in-store for clothes, shoes, jewelry and more.