Magnum Classic Ice Cream Get Old Or Get Classic Commercial Song – Feat. Seniors at Mansion-Style Hotel

Magnum Classic Ice Cream Get Old Or Get Classic Commercial Actor

Magnum advertises its Magnum Classic ice cream in a new ad.

The spot opens with a senior arriving at dawn at a huge mansion-style hotel called “The Pleasure Residence”, where he meets a diverse cast of people enjoying a luxurious stay, marked by lots of Magnum ice creams. After taking a bath, the man grabs his white shirt, scarf and suit and goes outside, where his fellows are enjoying the bright sunny day doing various relaxing activities and eating Magnum ice cream. When a waiter brings him a Magnum Classic ice cream, a woman shows up and takes it from the ice-filled tray. However, she doesn’t take a bite from it and chooses instead to let him take a bite first, which he does.

“You could get old or you can get classic,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, describing the Magnum Classic ice cream as a blend of velvety Vanilla ice cream and cracking Magnum chocolate and adding the Magnum tagline, “True to Pleasure”.

The soundtrack music is the 2001 cover of Tony Bennett’s 1962 song “The Good Life”, performed by Northern Irish musician Neil Hannon.

The Magnum Classic is a Vanilla Bean ice cream dipped in milk chocolate. Made with Belgian Unsweetened Chocolate and cocoa sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, this ice cream bar offers the perfect balance of rich chocolate and creamy ice cream.

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