Lincoln Navigator Canada Curly-Haired Girl Walking on the Moon Ruelle Commercial Song

Lincoln Navigator Canada Moon Commercial

Lincoln Canada continues its “Power of Sanctuary” campaign with a new installment.

The 60-second ad aims to give an answer to the question “What does the PowerOfSanctuary feel like?”, explaining that it’s a little bit like walking on the moon and illustrating this idea by featuring a family on a road trip to the Moon.

The spot features a man driving the Lincoln Navigator with available ActiveGlide technology down a road that leads to the Moon. It’s dark and the view they see consists of rocks of different shapes and sizes. When the Moon appears in front of them, the man’s daughter, a curly-haired young girl, becomes almost breathless and feels transported right to the Moon, walking on its surface.

As the spot ends, it turns out she was actually watching a movie about the Moon on the screen she has in front of her and listening to “Walking on the Moon“.

The track marks the newest single by American electropop singer-songwriter Ruelle (known as Maggie Eckford or Margaret Eckford) and is included on her 2022 album of the same name.

The Lincoln Navigator has also been promoted by Serena Williams, who is a Lincoln brand ambassador in February 2018.

The automaker has also teamed up with Golden Globe- and Emmy-winner and Academy Award-nominee Jon Batiste to promote its 2021 Nautilus, Matthew McConaughey, who is also a brand ambassador and touted the 2019 Nautilus.

Lincoln Navigator Canada Curly-Haired Girl Moon Commercial

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