HPE GreenLake Should I Stay or Should I Go Commercial Song – Feat. Woman in Conference Meeting

HP advertises its HPE GreenLake in a commercial that tackles the real-life struggle CIOs are facing today – whether to stay or go to the cloud.

The spot features a woman during a conference meeting talking with the company executives and other colleagues about what they should do next in order to accelerate growth. Asked by one of the superiors if all their IT should move to the cloud, she answers that the cloud would give them more flexibility but they lose control. Juxtaposed footage shows her back in her office, sitting at her desk and wondering “Should we stay? Should we go?”. At some point, she finds her office tilting back and forth, which makes her embark on a quest to bring it back to its normal state. However, this proves to be a difficult challenge until she realizes that, with HPE Greenlake, the company doesn’t have to choose between staying and going.

She is then featured back in the meeting room, explaining that they have tons of data at the edge, but they have to act on it in real-time and they need business insights across their data silos. In order to do all that, and stay and go at the same time, HPE GreenLake can help because this is the platform that brings the cloud to them and it will accelerate their digital transformation.

The soundtrack is provided by the hit single Should I Stay or Should I Go by English punk rock band The Clash, from their fifth studio album, “Combat Rock”. The song is available for purchase on Amazon for $1.29.