Heineken Silver Aquarium Commercial Song

Heineken Silver Aquarium Commercial

Heineken promotes its new Heineken Silver in a new ad campaign, titled “Extra fresh for real”.

One of the spots features a young man who seems to be diving under water, in search for something, but it turns out he was actually behind an aquarium, grabbing a can of Heineken Silver. As he stands up, his grandmother joins him, a can in her hands, and they cheer.

“Heineken Silver. Extra fresh for real” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

The song playing in the commercial is Fresh by Kool & The Gang followed by a song whose lyrics include “So fresh, so fresh, I don’t even wanna know, trying to make no joke, cause I like it when it’s cold, so fresh, so fresh”.

Other ads feature a guy who is apparently in the desert, but is actually standing in front of a monitor while his friends play a video game, a curly haired woman who seems to be in a rooftop pool but is actually sitting on a bench, at a BBQ party, a young woman who apparently is on a fancy bed, enjoying an exotic vacation, when she’s actually on the rooftop of her block, with her friends holding some white sheets near her.

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