Gatorlyte Damian Lillard & Ryan Garcia in the Boxing Ring Commercial

Gatorlyte Damian Lillard Commercial

Gatorade promotes its newest “rapid rehydration beverage,” Gatorlyte, in a new commercial, starring Damian Lillard and Ryan Garcia.

The spot, part of the brand’s new “All G” campaign, features the NBA player and the professional boxer entering the boxing ring to train. “You know we’re not shooting threes, right?” Garcia asks Lillard, who’s wearing a Portland Trail Blazers shirt. “Definitely not shooting threes,” he answers. The two are shown jump roping, running on a treadmill and then hitting various types of boxing punching bags. At some point, Garcia, who is a lightweight boxing champion, takes a drink of Gatorlyte before a sparring match.

The end of the commercial, which highlights that Gatorlyte provides rapid rehydration plus a specialized blend of 5 electrolytes, sees the two athletes sitting above the ring’s apron to finish their workout and rapidly rehydrate.
Gatorlyte, which delivers rapid rehydration with lower sugar, and no artificial sweeteners or flavors, is available in several varieties, including Strawberry Kiwi, Orange, Cherry Lime, Watermelon, and Mixed Berry.

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