DoorDash Antojo Teenage Girl Catching Boy’s Smoothie Commercial

DoorDash Antojo Teenage Girl Catching Boy's Smoothie Commercial

DoorDash has launched a new ad campaign, created in partnership with GALLEGOS United, titled “Antojo” and aimed at authentically connecting with the Latino community.

According to DoorDash, the creative is based on the idea that cravings are a common experience in culture, but “antojos” – which can be related not only to food, a flavor or a memory about grandma’s cooking, but can also be related to moments and opportunities – are a part of the way Latinos live life.

One of the spots, which was inspired by the old superstition “They say that when your food falls, it’s because someone craved it,” features a diverse cast of people whose food falls to the ground. Shot in Mexico City by acclaimed and award-winning director Andy Fogwill, the ad showcases the variety of items available through DoorDash and also features a teenage girl who catches just in time a boy’s smoothie, while in the background a catchy song plays.

“Don’t underestimate the power of antojos,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, urging consumers to download the DoorDash app.

The “Antojo” effort marks the company’s first-ever custom-created Spanish & English multi-platform marketing campaign, which also includes digital ads, paid and organic social media, and an in-app experience that features Latin cuisines in customers’ local areas.

DoorDash is proud to support the Hispanic and Latin community by providing restaurateurs grants and training through its Main Street Strong Accelerator.

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