Direct Line Transformers Optimus Prime Taking Time Off Advert Song

Direct Line has released a new TV ad to promote its services.

The spot, created by Saatchi & Saatchi and aimed at reinforcing Direct Line’s position as the UK’s insurance super brand, features Optimus Prime, the transforming semi-truck and hero of the Transformers franchise, taking some time off and doing various activities across Britain, when a couple stranded on a highway suggested him to do that because they have Direct Line and they are covered.

The soundtrack music is “Roam” by American new wave band the B-52’s, from their 1989 hit album, “Cosmic Thing”.

The song is available for purchase on Amazon.

Optimus Prime is the latest to join the roster of fictional characters starring in the company’s “We’re On It” series. Other heroes included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Robocop. They both were at a loose end when Direct Line arrived first to the scene of a breakdown.

“We can’t wait to showcase the latest ad, as it truly demonstrates how epic our ambition is for the brand and for helping our customers. Using instantly-recognizable characters that resonate with millions provides a fantastic platform to land our key messaging, letting the nation know they can relax because ‘We’re On It.’ We can’t wait to give audiences the latest installment of the Direct Line Cinematic Universe,” Wendy Moores, head of marketing at Direct Line, said in a press statement.