CarMax Online Offer Good for 7 Days Commercial – Feat. Sue Bird, Zach LaVine and Candace Parker

CarMax Online Offer Good for 7 Days Commercial - Feat. Sue Bird

CarMax has released a new commercial to advertise its online offers. This time, the spot features Sue Bird, Zach LaVine and Candace Parker, who mention passion, dedication and persistence. A CarMax representative shows up to add “a real online offer good for seven days”.

“It takes years to hone this craft,” Bird says looking at the camera. The CarMax employee points out that it only takes as little as two minutes to start selling your car to CarMax with “that real online offer thing” he mentioned.

The commercial then features juxtaposed footage of the NFL stars showing off their skills on the court, on one hand, and of the CarMax guy, who is sitting at a desk, on the other hand.

“Get a real offer online good for seven days” an onscreen line reads at the end of the video.

This is not the first time Parker and Bird star in a commercial for CarMax. Last year, the two basketball players co-starred alongside Stephen Curry in a spot promoting the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

The used vehicle retailer has also enlisted “the fastest man on Earth” to star in a commercial for its Instant Offers. Retired Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt tried to break his own personal record against CarMax’s online appraisal platform.

CarMax is also known for its Home Delivery service, which gives customers the chance to have the car they purchased delivered to their door thanks to a reimagined car buying process, that allows customers to sign the paperwork electronically.

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