Birrificio Angelo Poretti TV Advert – Made For The Table

Birrificio Angelo Poretti TV Advert Actors

Birrificio Angelo Poretti promotes its beer in the UK in a new ad campaign, titled “Made For The Table”.

“Behold. The Table. The four-legged altar of life. Here we meet the enchanting, the intimate, the humble, the passionate, so pull up a chair, bring good food, good company, and a beer, perfectly balanced with 4 hops, la tavola is ready,” the voiceover says in the 30-second ad, which features a diverse cast of people illustrating the mentioned categories, enjoying a Birrificio Angelor Poretti in various moments of the day.

The spot ends with the narrator adding the tagline “Birrificio Angelo Poretti. Made For The Table”.

Created by Pablo, the advert marks the first work of this ad agency for the Carlsberg-owned Italian beer brand.

According to the label, each Birrificio Angelo Poretti beer, made with fresh mountain water from the Italian hills and hops from around the world, has the power to complement dishes in different ways.

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