Zillow There’s No Place Like Zillow Commercial (Piano Song)

Zillow There's No Place Like Zillow Commercial Actors

Zillow promotes its services in a new commercial, that carries the tagline “There’s no place like Zillow.”

“Getting the perfect home is a journey so we help you find it, tour it and own it,” the voiceover says in the 15-second ad, which features a variety of apartments that are browsed by a couple who are searching for a home.

The two life partners, soon-to-be parents, are shown, at the end of the commercial, sitting in the comfort of their house, scrolling down apartments on Zillow and booking a tour for one of them.

“There’s no place like Zillow” an onscreen line reads at the end of the video, set to the tune of a piano song, while the voiceover says the tagline “For moving made simple, there’s no place like Zillow.”

Zillow also offers, besides 3D home tours, interactive floor plans, Home Loans and Zillow Closing Services, which provide an online platform that enables customers to conduct transactions more digitally and conveniently, as well as the possibility to connect with a local Zillow Premier Agent expert.

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