Renault Austral SUV E-Tech hybrid Commercial / Advert Song

Renault Austral SUV E-Tech hybrid Commercial / TV Advert

Renault showcases its all-new Renault Austral SUV E-Tech hybrid in a new ad, which focuses on the connectivity features.

The spot follows a woman as she gets at the wheel of an Austral SUV and drives outside the city, to the ocean for a swim. On her way there, she asks Google to play a song called “Take Control”.

The ad highlights features like enhanced connectivity such as OpenR link with Google built-in, Google Maps, safety control systems for you and others, four-wheel steering technology, as well as 32 advanced driver-assistance systems.

The new electrified and tech SUV also features high-tech cockpit with the OpenR screen inside, and the latest generation of E-TECH hybrid technology. There also is a new “Esprit Alpine” trim for sportier look.

The soundtrack music is Take Control by Smokey Joe & The Kid.

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