Oscars Regina Hall, Amy Schumer & Wanda Sykes Commercial

Oscars Regina Hall, Amy Schumer & Wanda Sykes Commercial

Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes discuss hosting the 94th Academy Awards in a new ad for the 2022 ceremony released by ABC.

The spot features the three comedians discussing the challenge ahead and how they will need to stack up against competition from the past years. “We just have to do better than last year’s host,” says Sykes, adding that she doesn’t remember the last year’s host.

“God, they must have sucked!” exclaims Schumer. The chat continues between her and Sykes, who bets they got cancelled, until Hall points out that there hasn’t been a host in several years. At this point, Wanda Sykes concludes that they’re “already winning”. Schumer agrees, saying “We’re nailing it!”.

The 94th Oscars will be held on March 27, at full capacity, at the Dolby Theatre. The last time the ceremony had a host was in 2018, when Jimmy Kimmel took the helm of the event.

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