Netflix Series: Anatomy of a Scandal – Trailer Song

Netflix Series: Anatomy of a Scandal - Trailer Actress Sienna Miller

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming British psychological thriller “Anatomy of a Scandal”, based on Sarah Vaughan’s bestselling novel of the same title.

From the creator of “Big Little Lies” and “The Undoing”, the six-part series, described as “an insightful and suspenseful series about privilege and sexual consent,” revolves around powerful politician James Whitehouse and his house, Sophie, who live in a blissful and a rarefied world. Their lives unravel when scandalous secrets surface and he goes to trial, accused of a shocking crime. According to the official synopsis, Barrister Kate Woodcroft has a trajectory of her own, and her prosecution threatens to tear into Westminster, the Whitehouse marriage and her own personal esteem”.

The cast includes Rupert Friend as James Whitehouse, Sienna Miller as James’ wife, Michelle Dockery as Kate Woodcroft, Naomi Scott and Josette Simon.

The trailer gives viewers a glimpse at the events, with focus on Miller’s character, who is struggling with the implications of the allegations. “Sometimes I think I’m partly to blame. I let things slide. Didn’t question little things when I should have. But little things add up,” she is heard saying in voiceover, before saying “I feel very confused”.

The song playing in the background is a spooky cover of the 2009 single “Heads Will Roll” by American indie rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, from their third studio album, “It’s Blitz”.

Anatomy of a Scandal premieres April 15.

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