M&S App Can I Scan It? Yes, You Can Advert Song

M&S App Can I Scan It? Yes, You Can Advert Singing Cabbage

M&S advertises its mobile app in a new spot, featuring food items singing the retailer’s anthem.

The 60-second video follows a young woman who uses the M&S app to easily shop for groceries, clothes and homeware by scanning the products, skipping the line, and collecting them in her own time.

The ad opens with the protagonist in the Fruit & Vegetable section, where she grabs the vegetables she wants, scans them, and puts them in her shopping basket.

Cabbage, pineapple, yogurt, biscuits, eggs, garments, pots – they all sing throughout the advert a song that highlights the features available in the M&S app.

“Can I scan it?
Yes, you can.
Can I bag it?
Yes, you can.
You can scan it.
Rock and roll to the beat of your tastebuds.
Sardines, quick lunch or a bag of spuds.
Scan and shop from the bread to the fresh limes.
In the bag, no tills like the old times.
Go ahead and collect in your own time.
Homeware, skincare makes you feel fine.
New threads for the great outdoors.
What you waiting for?”
Can I browse it?
Yes, you can.
Can I buy it?
Yes, you can.”

The advert ends with the voiceover urging viewers to download the M&S app to enjoy queue-less shopping, Click & Collect, free treats, and everything else that makes Sparks so amazing.

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