INFINITI QX60 Orchestra Commercial

INFINITI showcases its all-new 2022 QX60 three-row SUV in a commercial titled “Beautiful Mess”.

The spot features a QX60 surrounded by an orchestra of young players who play their instruments quite badly. Among them is the daughter of a woman sitting in the driver’s seat. Willing to escape the music, the woman “isolates” herself in the car and leaves her seat on the back to enjoy a massage (since her car boasts built-in seat massagers).

The commercial ends with the woman driving her daughter back home and with the voiceover introducing the all-new INFINITI QX60, “designed to conquer life in style”.

The song playing in the commercial is “Also Sprach Zarathustra” composed in 1896 by Richard Strauss.

According to the automaker, Infiniti engineers took special care to use more sound-deadening materials and thicker second-row glass so the interior is quieter, bringing isolation from the road.

The 2022 INFINITI QX60 comes in four different trims – Pure, Luxe, Sensory and the high-end Autograph – and its price starts at $47,875 (including a $1,025 delivery fee).