Freshpet Seniors and their Dogs Commercial Song – I Got You Babe

Freshpet Commercial - Yoga with Puppy

Freshpet highlights that dogs help us live longer in its latest commercial and encourage us to return the favor by feeding them with Freshpet.

The ad, created by Terri & Sandy, features a diverse cast of elderly dog owners and their furry friends doing all kinds of daily activities, such as hiking, yoga, gardening, and more. 79-year-old Stan is shown petting his 6-year-old dog, Pickles, while out in nature, Debbie, a 74-year-old woman is shown hiking with her 13-year-old dog, Scout, Susan (84) and her four-legged friend, Cheyenne (5), are in the garden, sprinkling plants, and Erica (95) places a kiss on the head of her longtime companion, Lobo, who is 14.

“Dogs help us live longer. Return the favor with Freshpet. No preservatives, no fillers. Just fresh wholesome meat and veggies for the long haul,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which is scored by “I Got You Babe (2006 Remaster)” by Sonny & Cher, from the album “I Got You Babe”.

I Got You Babe, included on the 1965 album “Sonny & Cher’s Greatest Hits,” is available for purchase on Amazon for $1.29.

Freshpet offers food based on steam-cooked recipes that use 100% farm-raised meat and veggies, sourced in the USA. Its product lines include Freshpet Select, featuring Home Cooked Chicken Recipe for Dogs, Tender Chicken Recipe for Dogs, Roasted Meals Tender Chicken Recipe for Dogs, Vital, Nature’s Fresh, Fresh Treats, Deli Fresh, Homestyle Creations and Spring & Sprout.

All products are made according to FDA and USDA standards, under the oversight of four veterinary nutritionists. Those who visit the Freshpet website can learn more about the ingredients used to make the recipes, compare pet food, find stores nearby, and more.

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