Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Debate the Goatness Commercial Whistling Song – Feat. Joel Embiid

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Debate the Goatness Commercial - Feat. Joel Embiid in Front of Vending Machine

Coca-Cola has launched a new NCAA March Madness campaign.

One of the spots features Joel Embiid in front of a Coca-Cola vending machine, that includes Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola Original Taste varieties. Seeing the text “Coke Zero Sugar Best Coke Ever” written down on the machine, the 2021-2022 NBA MVP frontrunner hears the voiceover of Julius Erving (aka Dr. J) starting a debate on the “best ever” when it comes to choosing one of the two Coca-Cola varieties.

The soundtrack music is Twisted Nerve by Bernard Herrmann, from the album “Kill Bill Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack.

The “Debate the Goatness” campaign which debuted on March 13 and is set to run throughout the NCAA Men’s and Women’s tournaments, also features Naismith Hall of Famer Julius Erving (Dr. J.), four-time NCAA champion Breanna Stewart and Naismith Hall of Famer Lisa Leslie.

“There’s nothing like March Madness and the excitement and passion from fans. This year I get to kick back with a Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and watch my Jayhawks as a top seed – all with Dr. J in my head – so it may be the best tournament ever,” said Kansas University alumnus and current NBA MVP candidate Joel Embiid.

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