ASUS Laptops Create with ASUS Commercial Song

ASUS Laptops Create with ASUS Commercial

ASUS showcases its laptop designed for creators in a new commercial.

“Creativity can be found everywhere. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from. We are all born creators. Ignite your creativity anywhere. Capture and share your best moves, enhanced by imagination. You are the leader of your life. An explorer at the bleeding edge of creativity. Dare to create the impossible. Your creativity needs room to grow. Your life has many scenes to play. Start your own incredible. Challenge yourself. Unleash your full potential. It awaits your command. Creativity is in every one of us. Create with ASUS,” the voiceover says in the 75-second ad, which features a diverse cast of creators and their work.

The soundtrack music is the 2019 single “Another Level” by musical group Oh the Larceny, from their “Blood Is Rebel” album. The track is available for purchase on Amazon for $0.99.

The brand’s range of creator laptops includes the ProArt Studiobook Series for the leaders and innovators in their respective creative industries, Zenbook Pro Series for the advanced creators looking for multitasking power on the go, and Vivobook Pro Series for the everyday creators.

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