Apple Card Regulate Commercial Song – Reboot Your Credit Card

Apple Card Commercial

Apple has released a series of new ads to tout its Apple Card.

One of them features an Apple Card user who, after receiving a payment reminder on her phone, saying that a payment is due at a certain date to avoid interest charges, chooses the amount she wants to reimburse in order to avoid interest charges.

“Calculate interest. Pay with a tap.” onscreen lines read throughout the ad, which ends with the tagline “Reboot Your Credit Card” flashing across the screen.

The soundtrack is provided by Channel Tres’s song “Regulate”. Tres, born Sheldon Young, is a rapper, singer and record producer from Compton, California.

With the Apple Card, users get 3% Daily Cash back on everything they buy at Apple (including devices, accessories, games and services) and use it right away. They can also pay for their purchases in interest-free monthly installments if they choose Apple Card Monthly Installments at check out.

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