TD Easy Trade App Super Bowl Commercial Opera Song

TD Easy Trade App Super Bowl Commercial

TD promotes its new mobile app, TD Easy Trade, which helps people get started investing, in its Super Bowl 2022 commercial, created by Leo Burnett.

The spot, part of a larger launch campaign for the app, opens with two young friends in a coffee shop. When the guy, apparently named Eric Robin, finds out that his friend is investing on her phone, he confesses that he wouldn’t know where to start. As he thinks about it, he sees himself in a series of cliche high-finance settings and facing all kinds of daunting trials and tribulations young investors imagine they would have to go through, such as wearing a suit and tie and sitting in an office all day long, surrounded by piles of files, to learn how to invest, dealing with a hard-to-satisfy boss, saying “bye” and “ciao”, then having fancy dinners and playing golf with other investors.

The young man is eventually brought back to reality by his friend, who tells him that, as a first time investor, she just uses TD Easy Trade. “It’s simple,” she adds, showing him the TD app.

“Learn and invest on the same app. Get 50 commission-free stock trades every year,” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial, which also sees the tagline “TD Ready to help you move forward” flashing across the screen.
TD offers two services for self-directed investors: TD Direct Investing with a variety of platforms and advanced tools, and TD Easy Trade, described as “an easy-to-navigate app that allows you to understand all aspects of investing every step of the way”.

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