SoFi Man Dancing at Laundromat Commercial Song

SoFi Man Dancing at Laundromat Commercial Actor

SoFi promotes its $10 View Your Rate Offer in a new commercial, highlighting that you can earn $10 when you view your rate.

The ad features a man at a laundromat who looks disappointed at the coins he has and feels, once again, stuck with credit card debt. He turns to SoFi and, after getting his debt consolidation loan funded, he realizes how it feels to get his money right, which makes him start dancing. He busts some dance moves, while in the background Compton AV’s 2017 song Money Dance plays.

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover urges consumers to move their high-interest debt to a SoFi Personal Loan and earn $10 for just viewing their rate.

The company says consumers will receive the $10 bonus regardless of whether or not they are pre-qualified for a SoFi loan product. In order to be eligible for the promotion, the participant must have an open SoFi Money account or apply to open a SoFi Money account within 30 days of checking their rate.

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