Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Commercial – Feat. Anna Kendrick & Barbie

Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Commercial - Feat. Anna Kendrick & Barbie

Online mortgage lender Rocket Mortgage has unveiled a teaser for its Super Bowl 2022 commercial, starring Anna Kendrick and Barbie.

The video promotes the Rocket Homes brand and features the actress talking to the iconic Mattel toy, which seems to be very competitive. When the Pitch Perfect star says she’s glad they are making a Super Bowl commercial for Rocket, “because the housing market is so competitive right now,” Barbie agrees with the actress, but argues that the housing market “is not as competitive” as when she was a gymnast, involved in the space race, and a bee keeper. As she mentions each activity, her clothing changes into a gymnast leotard, a space outfit, and finally a beekeeper suit.

Anna says she had no idea about Barbie’s past activities, which makes the doll answer “Yeah, you’d be surprised.” “No, it seems cutthroat,” Anna adds at the end of the teaser, which informs viewers that the full commercial will be unveiled on February 13.

The 60-second ad, which also marks the 60th anniversary of Barbie Dreamhouse, will air in the second quarter of the Big Game, on Sunday.

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