Pringles Super Bowl Commercial Song – Man with Hand Stuck in Pringles Can

Pringles Super Bowl Wedding Commercial - Man with Hand Stuck in Pringles Can

Pringles tackles the age-old “Pringles problem” fans experience in its Super Bowl commercial, namely having your hand stuck in the can while trying to grab the last crisp.

The spot tells the story of a man who stuck his hand in a Pringles can at a party and lives for the rest of his life with the hand stuck in it. Various key milestone moments in his life are shown, such as his first date, his wedding, the birth of his first child, his 85th anniversary and even his funeral.

The soundtrack is provided by Lionel Richie’s 1984 single Stuck on You, from his second studio album “Can’t Slow Down”.

The commercial will air at the end of the third quarter and be simultaneously broadcast on Telemundo.

The brand’s “Stuck In” campaign also includes PR, digital and social media, as well as a partnership with Instagrammers and TikTokers, including Award-winning actress, producer, musical artist and TV personality Keke Palmer, professional football wide receiver Byron Pringle and trending TikTok creators.

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