Old Spice Wavy Curly People Dancing in Shop Commercial – Curls Are Cool

Old Spice Wavy Curly Commercial Actor - Curls Are Cool

Old Spice promotes its New Old Spice Wavy Curly Collection in a commercial that says “Curls are cool”.

Created by Wieden+Kennedy and directed by award-winning director Yousef, the ad features a diverse cast of curly-haired persons, including a pair of red-haired twin girls, a curly-haired young man, and more, doing a bouncy dance in a store. When a straight-haired man enters the shop and witnesses the “wavy curly party,” decides to walk out straight away, leaving the partygoers behind, showing off their unique curls.

The soundtrack music is a song whose lyrics include “Curly, curly, curly”.

The new Old Spice Wavy Curly range includes Shampoo, Hair Moisturiser and Leave-In Conditioner, all designed for men who have wavy or curly hair.

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