Kia Every Single Move Roller Skating Girl Commercial / Advert Song

Kia Every Single Move Curly Roller Skating Girl Commercial / TV Advert

Kia has released the music video for the song “Every Single Move” created by genderless visual artist WAVE using the move.ment instrument.

The video follows a young woman as she roller skates through the city and then goes in nature, enjoying the green scenery of a forest where she finds a glass cube and composes music.

According to the automotive brand, “Every Single Move” (ft. JVNR and Thom K.) “perfectly captures Kia’s philosophy that when you move, you see new perspectives, gain new experiences, and find inspiration to create”. Renowned music video director, Courtney Philips, who has worked with artists such as Ann Marie, Rita Ora, Kacey Musgraves, Marshmello, Khalid, and Dermot Kennedy, brought the track’s message to life in this music video.

The song is included on a four-track album that takes listeners on a semiotic journey through movement. Each track reflects different aspects of movement and inspiration, while all featuring different sound textures recorded from real movements in nature, in order to bring the listener closer to a creative state of flow.

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