Hyundai Tucson Beast Concept Uncharted Movie Commercial – Feat. Nathan Drake at Car Wash

2022 Hyundai TUCSON Beast Concept Uncharted Movie Commercial

Hyundai has released a new ad to promote the upcoming film Uncharted, which is going to feature the automaker’s modified TUCSON “Beast” concept.

The spot features Tom Holland’s character, street-smart thief Nathan Drake, arriving at a car wash with his TUCSON Beast covered in mud and filled with various treasure-hunting tools and artifacts. While his car is being washed, Nathan takes the opportunity to relax. It seems though that the workers at the car wash aren’t too relaxed judging by the creatures currently living in the vehicle. However, their effort is highly paid off, in gold.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to see Nathan Drake and the adventure-ready TUCSON in Uncharted.

Created by the team at Hyundai Design and Technical Center in Irvine, California, in collaboration with Sony Pictures, the upgraded “Beast” prototype features a series of changes over the regular C-SUV, such as a protective bull bar at the front, extra LED bars, a custom roof rack, a snorkel, side steps, bolt-on fenders, a set of black-finished steel wheels shod in Nitto A/T tires by Toyo.

Uncharted is based on the popular video games for the PlayStation consoles, featuring a heist job organized by a treasure hunter, and also stars Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas. The movie will be released in movie theaters on February 11 in the UK and on February 18 in the US.

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