HP Presence Crumpled Piece of Paper Commercial Song


HP Presence Commercial Actress

HP advertises its new HP Presence videoconferencing technology in a new commercial.

The spot features a woman leaving a coffee shop late at night, after having worked on a project. Before gathering her stuff, she screwed a piece of paper into a ball and left it on the table. The waiter comes and cleans up the table, throwing in the bin the “ball” which sets, thus, on a journey back to its owner. The crumpled piece of paper walks through the city, among cars, and on the subway, until it eventually arrives at the woman’s feet at the right time, the moment one of her superiors asks, during a video conference, if they have any ideas. Seeing the paper, she finds the courage to stand up and share her idea.

“So you, guys, said something in our last meeting that, um, sparked an idea,” she says, holding her source of “inspiration”.

“A thought is never lost when a voice is found. Be seen. Be heard. HP Presence” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial, which features the song For You To Be Here by Tom Rosenthal, from his sixth album, “The Pleasant Trees (Volumes 1, 2 & 3)”.

Launched last fall, HP Presence includes software and hardware designed to simplify participation in and management of video conferences. The initial rollout included software and peripherals such as a standalone meeting controller, cameras, a soundbar, and HP Presence Hub.

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