Halifax Bank It’s a People Thing Bench Advert Song

Halifax Bench TV Advert - It's a People Thing

Halifax continues its “It’s a people thing” campaign, created by New Commercial Arts, with a new installment.

The ad revolves around a bench situated outside a local Halifax branch and captures various moments over the course of a day. A worker drinking his cup of coffee, old friends catching up, a young couple sharing a kiss, a man with his dog are some of the life situations illustrated in the video, which ends with a Halifax employee checking on a pregnant woman who doesn’t seem to feel well.

“It’s a new day thing. It’s a BFF thing. It’s a top of the league thing. It’s a bulldog thing. It’s a people thing.” onscreen lines read throughout the 40-second spot, which concludes with the voiceover saying “For the ups, the downs, and everything in between”.

Serving as soundtrack is the 1997 single “Stand by Me” by English rock band Oasis, from their third studio album, “Be Here Now”.

“Halifax is a heartland of Britain brand. Our new ‘It’s a people thing’ campaign puts it right back where it belongs,” said Richard Warren, director of marketing communications at Lloyds Banking Group.

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