GEICO Open Floor Plan Problems Commercial

GEICO Open Floor Plan Problems Wall Commercial

GEICO has dropped a new ad to promote its bundling options.

The spot, part of the company’s “Bundling Made Easy” campaign, features a couple of renters facing open floor plan problems. The woman, played by Charlene DeGuzman, and her partner, played by Max Arcineiga, say that they love their new apartment because it has a great kitchen and an open floor plan, but there is a problem, though: they don’t have privacy anymore. Viewers get to see the audience cheering, bursting into laughter and applauding when the stage manager, played by Jessica Jones, instructs them to.

The ad also features one of the couple’s friends entering their apartment and asking what happened to their wall.
The commercial ends with the young couple mentioning that, at least, GEICO makes bundling their renters and car insurance easy.

GEICO’s “Bundling Made Easy” campaign also includes several other similar commercials, in which new homeowners have different problems. One of the spots, for instance, features a couple having a problem with angry birds, another couple having the heavy metal band Ratt as neighbors, another one having a family of clog dancers as neighbors, and more.

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