Expedia Super Bowl Ewan McGregor Commercial Song

Expedia Super Bowl Ewan McGregor Commercial

Expedia has enlisted Ewan McGregor to star in its Super Bowl commercial, which highlights that experiences are the ones that matter most in life, not items.

Produced Titled “Stuff,” the spot features the Star Wars actor passing by various production sets where commercials are filmed, delivering the following message: “Stuff, we love stuff and there’s some really great out there. But I doubt that any of us will look back in our lives and think ‘I wish I’d gotten a slightly sportier SUV, bought an even thinner TV, or found a trendier scent. I wish I’d discovered a crunchier chip, found a lighter light beer, had an even smarter smartphone”.

“Do you think any of us will look back in our lives and regret the things we didn’t buy? Or the places we didn’t go?” McGregor asks while exiting the studio to walk out to a beautiful beach.

Eventually, the tagline “Some more on the things that matter” flashes across the screen, while in the background the 1977 song Whole Wide World by British new wave musician Wreckless Eric stars playing.

Expedia has also launched a sweepstake called Travel the Ads that gives away travel experiences inspired by Big Game commercials. Prizes will be awarded to up to 20 winners in the form of Expedia Rewards points and valued at a total of $120,000.

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