BMW Super Bowl Zeus Commercial – Feat. Arnold Schwarzenegger

BMW Super Bowl Zeus Commercial - Feat. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Not even Zeus, the famous Greek god of lightning, is safe from getting his name mispronounced by the local café barista – this is what the teaser for BMW’s Super Bowl commercial shows us.

The 30-second video, which announces that “Something electric is brewing”, opens with the barista mispronouncing Zeus’ name in his attempt to read it on a cup of macchiato. At some point, Zeus (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) shows up, telling him how to correctly pronounce. “Whoa! Kind of like the Greek god of lightning?” asks the barista. “It’s exactly like that,” confirms the customer before grabbing his order and heading out. “Cool!” says the barista at the end of the teaser, which ends with the date “February 13, 2022” flashing across the screen.

The automaker’s all-electric BMW has a range of up to 324 miles and can be charged with convenient home charging options. Every BMW electric vehicle comes with premium maintenance services provided by a nationwide dealer network and an 8 year/100,000-mile battery warranty.

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