Zocdoc Get Your Docs In A Row Teacher Commercial Song

Zocdoc Commercial Feat. Curly Red-Haired Teacher Actress

Zocdoc, a platform that helps people to find a new doctor, dentist, psychiatrist and more by selecting their insurance, visit reason and location, promotes its website and mobile app in a new commercial.

The spot features a teacher who remembers she has to make an appointment with an OB GYN.

In background an original song plays, urging you to search Zocdoc for the doc you need or type in your symptoms, like ‘it hurts when you pee’. “Get your docs in a row,” the song says, mentioning that “reviews and ratings let you dig a little deeper” and that “doing research doesn’t make you a creeper”.

“Good bedside manner means a doc you love, someone who fits like a blue rubber glove,” are some of the song lyrics.
Another ad features a woman who, while running in the park, realizes she has forgotten to book an appointment with a therapist and uses Zocdoc to do that.

The free online service allows users to read reviews from verified patients and book an appointment with a nearby, in-network doctor.

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