Vroom Super Bowl Musical Commercial – Feat. Ariana Rosado

Vroom Super Bowl Musical Commercial Actress - Feat. Ariana Rosado

Vroom has unveiled its Super Bowl 2022 commercial, highlighting that you can easily sell your car online, through vroom.com, to avoid unreliable buyers.

The 30-second ad, titled “Flake the Musical,” features a young woman (played by Ariana Rosado) who, after checking her phone, says she has just sold her car online to a private buyer. All those around her start celebrating, singing and dancing as if they are characters in a musical. Some of them ask the protagonist if the buyer was nice or respectful. However, things soon take a dramatic turn because another notification on the woman’s phone informs her that the buyer has changed their mind. Eventually, she decides to use vroom.com to sell her car and avoid thus flaky buyers.

The used car dealer’s Big Game commercial features 47 cast members who rehearsed for 56 hours with expert choreographer Mandy Moore (who was choreographer for “La La Land”). Actress Ariana Rosado revealed that “Working with Mandy has been a dream. She’s very patient, she gives great direction, she makes you feel really confident and really at ease.”

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