Victoria’s Secret Frozen Flowers Collection Commercial Song – Feat. Hailey Bieber, Adut Akech & Paloma Elsesser

Victoria's Secret Frozen Flowers Collection Commercial - Feat. Hailey Bieber

Victoria’s Secret has dropped a new commercial to showcase its “Frozen Flowers” collection.

The ad, set against a backdrop of mountains and snowfall, stars Hailey Bieber, who joined the Victoria’s
Secret two months ago, in November 2021, Adut Akech and plus-size model Paloma Elsesser wearing some of the
pieces included in the brand-new line-up, such as push-up bras, logo-branded straps, panties, teddies, and
more, featuring an icy shine and a floral print design.

Serving as soundtrack is “Stunning”, the debut single from LAU, aka Laura Fares, a long-time songwriter,
drummer and prominent figure in the Synthwave and Retrowave scenes. Produced by Ohio-based Brian Skeel, the
track was released in June 2020.

Victoria’s Secret new “Frozen Flowers” collection is available in a variety of sizes, including XS-XXL as well
as AA-G bras.

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