Tropicana It’s a Lovely Day Astronaut Commercial Song

Tropicana It's a Lovely Day Astronaut Commercial

Tropicana has released a hilarious new commercial from creative agency Cramer-Krasselt to highlight that, whatever the day brings, Tropicana will bring the sunshine.

The ad, part of the brand’s “Sip Your Sunshine” campaign and directed by Nick Ball, depicts a variety of scenarios in which bad or dangerous things happen to different people, but they keep their cool thanks to Tropicana.

The 2-minute spot, titled “Just Another Day”, features, among others, an astronaut falling back on Earth, through the ceiling of a house where a family are having breakfast, and grabbing their Tropicana bottle from the table to drink it, a woman finding her car hit by a post and surrounded by dozens of crows, who continues to sip from her Tropicana bottle, and a young girl and her dad finding a grizzly monster lurking under her bed, who also keep drinking from a Tropicana bottle.

Serving as soundtrack is Ella Fitzgerald’s song It’s A Lovely Day Today.

The campaign includes shorter versions of the commercial, each focusing on a specific scenario, that will be amplified across digital and social channels.

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