Toyota Corolla Cross XLE Commercial Song – Friends Going on Road Trip

Toyota Corolla Cross XLE Commercial

Toyota has released a series of new ads for its 2022 Corolla Cross XLE.

One of them, titled “Perfect Getaway,” opens with a young woman driving her Corolla Cross XLE to pick up some friends on a rainy day. However, as soon as she arrives to their house, the clouds begin to disappear and the sun starts shining bright.

Her two travel companions put their luggage in the spacious trunk and they all embark on a road trip. Their getaway proves to be perfect as all the traffic lights turn green, allowing them to get out of the city in no time.

Serving as soundtrack is the popular song “Sheesh!” by Surfaces & Tai Verdes, from the 2021 “Pacifico” album.
The 2022 Corolla Cross, available for purchase starting from $22,195, features a 2.0-Liter Engine, 169 hp on tap, All-Wheel Drive (AWD) capability, 18-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, roof rails, and 26.5 cubic feet of cargo room.

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