Thortful Valentine’s Day Advert – Feat. Couple Making Dolphin Noises


Thortful Valentine's Day Advert Couple

UK leading online greeting Thortful has launched its first TV ad, illustrating the impact of giving the perfect card to the right person.

The spot, created by independent creative agency isobel, features a young couple in a coffee shop who start uttering dolphin noises when one of them, the woman, gives her partner a thortful Valentine’s Day card. Even though the others look at them weirdly, the two lovers have no problem in expressing themselves using their own language of love.

The advert, which debuted on Channel 4, on 25th January, at 10pm, during Davina McCall’s Language of Love, ends with the brand line “that’s really really really really really really really thortful” flashing across the screen.

The brand’s campaign runs across broadcast TV, VOD, radio, social and digital channels.

Founded by entrepreneur Andy Pearce, thortful is an online marketplace where consumers can find thousands of unique cards created by small independent designers, as well as heartfelt gifts.

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