Tetley Advert Song: For the Love of Tea, For the Love of Tetley

Tetley Advert Actress - For the Love of Tea, For the Love of Tetley

British tea brand Tetley has launched a new ad campaign, titled “For the love of tea, For the Love of Tetley,” that celebrates Britain’s love of tea.

The spot, created by agency Neverland, opens with an office worker preparing lots of cups of tea for his colleagues and continues by featuring a diverse cast of people of different ages and walks of life enjoying a cup of Tetley in various moments of their day. A man takes a flask of original Tetley to a rainy sports match, a young woman enjoys a cup of herbal in bed, and a man – one of the “dunkers” mentioned by the voiceover – dunks a biscuit in his cup of tea.

“Our great nation of tea drinkers, we’re here for you. We’re here for the flaskers, the herbalers, the pinchers, the smugglers, and the dunkers. For the people who love tea as much as we do, for the love of tea, for the love of Tetley,” the voiceover says in the 30-second advert.

Serving as soundtrack is the 2015 single “That’s Love” by Washington D.C. rapper/producer Oddisee, from his album “The Good Fight”.

The “For the love of tea, For the Love of Tetley” campaign also includes online and social media activity.

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