Samsung People Using The Freestyle Projector Commercial Song

Samsung People Using The Freestyle Projector Commercial

Samsung has released a new commercial to introduce The Freestyle, the personal lifestyle screen that you can bring and play anywhere, to instantly enjoy a big screen experience.

The spot features a diverse cast of people using the device for unique experiences. They use the projector to watch movies projected on the ceiling, to project images on various walls and objects in the city, including pavements and traffic signs, and even on their faces and clothes. With the Freestyle, they are also able to play games using the wall and the carpet as support.

“Reinvent yourself. Put your heart on your sleeve. Go off the wall. Shine on. Project your inner self. Go crazy. Life from a new angle. Play where you want, how you want. It’s all up to you. Unexpected joy everywhere” onscreen lines read throughout the 60-second commercial, which is scored by the 2020 single “That’s How I Like It” by SATV Music.

Unveiled at CES2022, The Freestyle is a movable smart screen with different styles for whatever you do. It features mood lighting, neon sign and more. It has an 180 degree cradle stand that allows you to adjust the angle how you want and it sets up instantly up to 100 inches, no matter the colour of the wall. Users can also rest assured with Smart Calibration and enjoy Samsung Smart TV features. They can also mirror their TV content to the Freestyle and watch what’s on TV from the Freestyle. With a powerful built-in speaker, the device lets users enjoy a premium 360 sound, and, thanks to its lens cap, users can also change the mood. They can also enjoy the viewing experience on a table, as well, when they place it above it with a socket adapter.

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