Netflix Series: Inventing Anna – Trailer Song

Netflix Series: Inventing Anna - Trailer Actors - annadelvey

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming series Inventing Anna, based on an article published in 2018 in the New York magazine about a Rusia native who posed as a rich German heiress in the mid-2010s in order to invade the wealthiest corners of the city.

Tthe show, from creator and producer Shonda Rhimes, features a journalist as she chases down the story of Anna Delvey, who convinced New York’s elite she was a German heiress and swindled her friends and New York businesses out of a total of $275,000 during a 10-month spree as she looked to secure loans for a lavish art club she was looking to open.

The cast includes Julia Garner as Anna Delvey, Katie Lowes, Laverne Cox, Alexis Floyd and Anna Chlumsky.

The trailer gives viewers a glimpse at the events, showing footage of her a socialite who, according to an attorney, committed real white-collar felonies in an attempt to steal millions of dollars, as well as footage of her as a convict. Visited by the journalist willing to know her story, Anna wants to ask her one question and that is related to the clothes she’s wearing because she looks “poor”.

“She is everything that is wrong with America right now,” one of the characters describes her in one of the scenes, later on.

The song used in the trailer is Megan Thee Stallion’s Do It On The Tip.

Season 1 of “Inventing Anna”, consisting of 10 episodes, launches on the streaming service next month, on February 11.

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